Fundamentally, Marketing by definition states-a business promoting and selling products/services. Which is evidently correct, but that’s the basic foundation; in reality it means so much more than just selling. In my perspective, it’s HOW you try to persuade the customer to buy the end product/service. For example, if you are trying to sell a phone to a consumer, but you aren’t going into detail and being very generic, the likelihood of the customer buying is low; simply because you haven’t given them a reason to purchase. Whereas, if you spend a great amount of time with the customer, build the rapport they start trusting you, they will pay attention to what you have to say, which makes them easier to persuade. By finding out relevant information from the customer (Market Research), you can apply their needs and expectations to one specific handset; by doing this, you have allocated their needs, and put it towards one phone, therefore you are giving them a reason to purchase the handset. Although this is a retail exemplar, people in head-office with fancy glass desks use the same strategy.

I feel that the most important aspect of Marketing would have to be finding your correct target market, marketing strategies, and demographic without letting NOISE intervene. What is noise? Noise is the aggravating wall that distracts you away from your message. This can be from: competitors having a clearer message, therefore customers will buy their products instead of yours. One way in which to diminish noise is to always have a clear and understanding advertisement, something with simple words and few images; therefore the customer will be able to remember; and will be intrigued to buy from the company. In relation to, marketing strategies, it’s about letting social platforms spread your message and advertisement, whether that be print or moving image; therefore you can reach a larger platform and persuade more consumers to buy your product.  For instance, L’Oreal is known for hair and beauty products, they have been in business since 1909,  (wikipedia, 2017), and still running today. Automatically, having history behind a company gives them a huge advantage for two main reasons, one being that they have had a great number of years to develop their customer service, marketing strategies, advertisement and finding their correct demographic. Secondly, because they have been around for a vast amount of years, they have already built customer loyalty due to the fact that L’oreal have been crafting their products for over 100 years, they know how to do it, and customers trust them. 

But this isn’t enough for some customers, simply because every consumer is different, therefore the buying process will be completely different.

The buying process:

  1. Problem recognition;
  2. Information search;
  3. Evaluation of alternatives;
  4. Purchase decision;
  5. Purchase;
  6. Post-purchase evaluation.
    [2] (Sethna and Blythe, 2016)

For some people they go through every stage of the buying process, some may skip stages depending on what they are buying, for instance, if they are loyal to one brand, they won’t pay attention to evaluating alternatives; in their perspective it’s not necessary. Whereas someone that is trying to save money will spend a great amount of time on evaluating  several products; as they will be comparing prices.
Hence why L’oreal use a multitude of Marketing techniques to make sure their consumers buy their products, no matter what their buying process is. For example, L’oreal present beautiful moving and print advertisements by using their iconic celebrity endorsement-Cheryl Cole, she’s portrayed as an elegant individual who lives the life of luxury; seeing her with an affordable product and loving it; encourages people to buy, as they assume that if it’s good enough for her, it’s perfect for them. Their advert, The Gold One-2014, showcases Cheryl in a stunning stargaze atmosphere, she twists and turns, all eyes are on her and the hairspray, she’s aesthetically pleasing which will capture the attention of both 103 female and 74 male, all aged between 18-24, [3] (Infoscout, 2017).
On the other hand, in relation to the marketing mix, place is very important to L’oreal, where they place the product is dependant if a customer will buy it or not. For example, if you place L’oreal hairspray at the top of the shelf, more than likely people aren’t going to buy it, as one it means that they are the more expensive products, and they are hand to see. Whereas if you put it at eye-level, more people are likely to grab it, as it’s convenient and easy to spot.

I’m off and out! I hope you enjoyed my little insight, if you want to hear more then please do let me know! I’ll see you soon Brainy Bunch.


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