About me

Hello and welcome! You are probably thinking that this is another basic blog on Marketing strategies, customer behaviour … Blah blah blah. Well, you couldn’t be anymore wrong. Of course there’s going to be long and boring content; but I’m going to portray it in a very unique style, just like this introduction. Instead of filling you in on my age (which may interest you), I’m going to tell you where this idea sprung from, as well as all the nitty-gritty about myself; you may like my content; but you might as well get to know the person behind the screen.  

Anyhow, I only thought of this idea a couple of days ago, I have finished my first year of University and I wanted to put to place what I had learnt. Evidently my knowledge will be enhanced as the years go on, but there’s no harm in starting early. I was writing a blog post, more specifically on a product review, and it got me thinking that feelings and emotions do have an influence on buying; I then thought about buying behaviour … And it finally clicked that I could write a blog post on some product reviews; but instead of writing about the actual product, it’ll be about, Price, Promotion, Place, Product (the 4 P’s), as well as People, Physical environment and Process (extended 7 P’s Marketing Mix). But it became more than that, I wanted to write about different aspects of marketing, as well of pass-exam work that I have done, to help the ones that want to get into Marketing, or the students that haven’t yet finished University, and still in their exam period.

That’s the generic idea, the foundation for me to build upon in my upcoming posts.

Now let’s move onto information about myself. As you couldn’t already tell my name is, Amy McGuire, see what I did there with the title? MarketingMcGuire … Ah I love alteration. What you’ve probably noticed is that my sense of humor sucks, and I say that because I laugh at my own jokes; someone has to right? What else in relevant … I’m a tiny human, only coming up to 5ft 2, and I’m very awkward; but I adore the online world; I can express my true self without having to look at someone judging me … I can read it instead! Basic information goes that I’m currently 20 years old, and I’m loving it, but I still get asked for ID as I look 12; but I say that’ll age gracefully. I’m quite a creative person, always have been, and will be. My dream occupation is a creative director … Oh the wonders to have a glass desk is beautiful. I did 6 AS-Levels because I was confused with what I wanted to do, when I finished those I walked out with: three A’s and three B’s. I then only did two A2 levels in Media and Photography as that’s where my passion was, and managed get an A and C. I’m not as dumb as I portray I promise. Through all of that I went to University to study my true passion; Marketing. Anything else that happened recently? Oh yeah. Got engaged to my partner of two years! Very happy lady. Other than that I’m pretty basic, I’ve only visited one country by boat and that didn’t go very well … Very sea sick. Going on my first plane soon … Very nervous, I guess vodka will hold my hand.  

I think that’s it for now, but I hope you enjoy your time here, and if you want to know anything more about me, or the work I produce please don’t hesitate to stalk me on my social media platforms below.

See you soon brainy bunch

Amy McGuire x